Monday, August 25, 2008

long picture nonsense post!

So here is a recap of my weekend documented with very poorly taken pics haha

  • friday i made meaghan something real pretty but since this is a new project that i want to take on, i cant show everyone just yet.
  • saturday i went to a family picnic at my grandparents which was kinda boring but it was nice to be in the country. we were 5 generations there. pretty coocoo.
  • This was a little school that stood where my grandparents built the house. They moved it back and now its pretty much storage but its super cute.
  • That white house is my aunt and uncles place just next door. that barn though belongs to my grandparents. It used to store hay. when i was like 6 my cousins and i used to climb up some latter and jump into the hay, but i jumped into a wasps nest. no fun at all. luckily my aunt is a nurse and made me all better.

  • This is "the little house" its like further back from the main road and you have to go through my aunt and uncles to get there. this little house is my moms but it has no running water or electricity so we dont go often but in five years my mom wants to build past it behind the bend. ( my grandparents have TONS of land. theres even a sandpit way further down that road and a forest my grandpa pretty much planted like 55 years ago haha

  • These pretty little ladies are my moms cousins kids so i dunno what that makes them in relation to me but i pretty much hung out with them all day. haha.
  • Thats my uncle Guy, my grandpa and grandma. my grandpa is the best.

  • Malcolm and his grandpa ( my moms other brother Tom) trying to fish in the artificial pond haha.
  • This is Mononc' Conrad ( uncle conrad) he is 95 years old. hes my grandpas uncle. his mother died at 101 years old. that familys got good genes. He didnt have trouble walking or anything. he was so cute!
  • Saturday night Gabe, sebs roomate, made us a delish dinner. he's an amazing cook.

  • Bavette. giant shrimps. polenta. home made pesto, red pepper coulis. mmmmmm

  • Sunday we went for breakfast at this little place a friend of ours works and then to Jarry park to relax in the sun.

anddddd thats pretty much it.


left hand endeavor said...

this sounds (and looks) like the loveliest weekend!
maybe you and i can bring some "looms" are whatever those are called and go lie on a blanket in that grassy area and embroider some stuff!

pat456 said...

yay a real blog post! i moved my blog to wordpress. check it out
hope you;re doing well! and whats this i read about a tv show?