Friday, August 29, 2008

instant pick me up.

i was just reading andrews post about him looking at vice "do's" to cheer him up. when im feeling a little down in the morning i put some justin timberlake on my ipod. specifically that damn girl song and pretend hes signing to me and that im hot shit. ok ok so it never actually makes me feel that good but i always laugh at myself for doing it and thats already and improvement on my mood.

when im at home i also like to do simple cleaning tasks in high heels or dance around in my undies ( but that only works when louis isnt home haha)

what are your little tricks? do tell.

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left hand endeavor said...

a load of laundry in the machine, britney spears really loud, a dirty martini and my louboutins!!!!! usually still in my bathrobe !!! ha!


arrested development while i tidy my room with a bowl of popcorn on my dresser to pick at!