Wednesday, August 20, 2008

i have been sitting at my desk trying to draw the exact same thing for like an hour! 

why didnt i force myself to draw more often. i know i can do this. gahhh

either way if i dont see laurence tonight im painting my "headboard" 
cant wait to show all of youuu

i was looking at things online ( clothes and interiors) and i realized i am sooo very torn in the things that i love. i like very very young and girly things but i love very serious and conservative looks as well. 

whats a girl to do?

anyways i cant wait for sept 3rd when i get my econcordia password and get to start online schooling myself haha.

seb was making us dinner when i got to his house last night. it was delish. some corn on the cob, asparagus and delicious sausages from the farmers market!

and then i got to watch cry baby on tv and eat popcorn. great evening.
life is goooood

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