Monday, July 21, 2008

i was in st lambert this weekend babysitting as most of you know since i was txting everyone possible to occupy my time when at the park with the boys. 
the second day i sat on the bench with another mom. her twin boys were playing with malcolm ( the youngest of my two little cousins) in our conversation i must have sounded very opinionated on child raising and things like that because she was sure i had kids of my own. 

i thought about it later when i was making malcolm finish his dinner or he wouldnt get to choose his desert. and i made him have clementines as his only snack. i might turn out to be a lot more like my dad when raising kids ( if i am lucky enough one day) its weird. i always thought id be like a cool mom haha but after this weekend i realized my dad had the right idea. forcing your kids to be outside. making them eat fruits and veggies or nothing else. limiting screen time ( like my brothers have an hour a day and they have to pick between tv or the computer). 

anyways im so not there yet but i can see where its headed haha i hope my kids dont hate me too much. 

i read a bunch of fitness magazines at my cousins this weekend and realized a few things wrong with the way i eat . because i dont eat poorly.. ( well at least i dont eat that much jonk food and really like fruits and veggies) but i noted a few easy changes that could make a huge difference. 
im also strongly debating going back to the gym.. we;ll see. 
i hate the gym. only because i hate working out in public. which is why i dont go running either. i need a home gym haha. with a treadmill. that would rule. 

im starting to semi enjoy being back in a routine although living for the weekend is pretty gay. specially when i didnt get to see my friends this past one,
but next weekend should be really good. yay yay. 

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