Monday, July 28, 2008

i think robots are working for concordia.

i sent in a question to concordia that goes like this: 

In the fall i should be registered as an independent student at Concordia in order to build a GPA and try to apply to a degree as a mature student. The job i currently have and would like to stay at does not give me very flexible hours and makes it almost impossible for me to return to school. I have my heart set on it and someone told me i should look into online classes.

are these even available to me? are there certain restrictions because of my situation? i have tried contacting my advisor but i haven't heard back from them yet o i thought someone here might be able to help.

if you have any answers or insight regarding this, it would be greatly appreciated.

this is the response i got:

Thank-you for your interest in eConcordia. Although we do not currently offer any complete degree courses. I recommend first getting in touch with an Academic Advisor at Concordia's Student Transition Centre in order to obtain information about which of our courses would be right for you. See contact info below:  As an Independent Student you can certainly register for our credit courses to complete while you are in Dubai.


Your courses can be taken anywhere as all learning tools are on-line. You would have to apply for external exams as finals are done in the classroom. Students are responsible for locating, arranging and covering any fees associated with writing an external exam. eConcordia staff are available to assist in these matters.


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