Friday, July 18, 2008

back online

my boss said she was sick of watching me "pick my nose" at my desk so she lent me her second computer.  haha mine is being fixed and vanessa is just not cooperating for me to get my old one back. anyways.  at least now the 9h at this desk may be just a little less painfull. 

things i am seriously looking forward to:

-playing with my little cousins this weekend.
-the possible visit from meg this weekend while i babysit.
-water slides the following weekend.
-first paycheck.
-my apartment finally being thoroughly clean and amazing.
-more paychecks.
-more fun.
-getting my laptop back. mostly because the memory card for my camera is in it and i want to use it ha.
- the day stef gets a cell phone again.

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