Thursday, July 31, 2008

new game

so i have this new game at work.

when people come to use the photocopier or fax machine near me, i ignore them till they actually ask me for help. 

its ridiculous.  people just get whiny. like they just keep pressing buttons and like swearing and whispering to themselves and just wait for me to react. so now i just ignore them till they ask.

sorry i dont respond to : shit fuck how the hell. whan whan.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i found him

the perfect pup.

too bad i dont just have an extra 375$ lying around.
its really weird though cause seb was like just buy it. why dont you?

he NEVER encourages me to buy things haha i actually kept thinking hed do anything to keep me from buying a pup haha

anyways life sucks. i want it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

i think robots are working for concordia.

i sent in a question to concordia that goes like this: 

In the fall i should be registered as an independent student at Concordia in order to build a GPA and try to apply to a degree as a mature student. The job i currently have and would like to stay at does not give me very flexible hours and makes it almost impossible for me to return to school. I have my heart set on it and someone told me i should look into online classes.

are these even available to me? are there certain restrictions because of my situation? i have tried contacting my advisor but i haven't heard back from them yet o i thought someone here might be able to help.

if you have any answers or insight regarding this, it would be greatly appreciated.

this is the response i got:

Thank-you for your interest in eConcordia. Although we do not currently offer any complete degree courses. I recommend first getting in touch with an Academic Advisor at Concordia's Student Transition Centre in order to obtain information about which of our courses would be right for you. See contact info below:  As an Independent Student you can certainly register for our credit courses to complete while you are in Dubai.


Your courses can be taken anywhere as all learning tools are on-line. You would have to apply for external exams as finals are done in the classroom. Students are responsible for locating, arranging and covering any fees associated with writing an external exam. eConcordia staff are available to assist in these matters.


everything sucks today.

nothing is good today, i seriously wish i could have stayed in bed all day.

i just got that cute jumper in the mail. well by fed ex. the shipping was already expensive and now they decided to charge me some sweet 34$ worth of customs fees. i wouldnt have even bought it had i known.

boycotting that website now. lame lame. 

thats just another annoyance and stressfull item on my list of bummouts today.

fuck life. i want my bed.

i seriously missed when the future wasn't so real..

like when you could still say "when i grow up"

like when decisions didnt take so much consideration. of weighing pros and cons.

fuck. i hate stress. i used to never stress about anything. 

i actually think somethings eating me from the inside.
stupid stomach ulcers. die die die.

my future is just so there right now. like a tangible thing i have to grasp or ignore. what the fuck am i doing.  god. i should not be given the responsibility of this decision.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

today i bought dis.

a few things

i had a great/unexpected evening last night. hung out with laurence and her friends. went for food and drinks and then a beer. it was just such a change of scenery. like completely different conversations and stuff. one of her friends is moving to nyc for school. it made me think about the future again. and i wondered if id end up stuck in mtl for life. anyways. good evening for sure.

ok soo it has just been brought to my attention that paris hilton has like an actual clothing line. like not just those tshirts with her face on them. its terrible. see for yourselves.

also i just found a new online shopping site with really nice things. dammit.

who wants to come meet me for lunch?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


these are gorgeous shoes. that i want real bad. they are on sale.
but because they are in the uk the shipping is like 49$. they are still cheaper i think than most things i would find here. 
i dunno.
i cant stop drooling.


 there is an amazing loft featured on design sponge this week. its literally perfect, i cant even comprehend ha. check out more pictures and info

Monday, July 21, 2008


this is our new home and i hope you like your southernised name..

this little gem is 22000$ and would cost 165$ a month in mortgage on a 30 year plan ( which is ridic but amazing at the same time. its in lake charles louisiana.

what do you say haha?
i was in st lambert this weekend babysitting as most of you know since i was txting everyone possible to occupy my time when at the park with the boys. 
the second day i sat on the bench with another mom. her twin boys were playing with malcolm ( the youngest of my two little cousins) in our conversation i must have sounded very opinionated on child raising and things like that because she was sure i had kids of my own. 

i thought about it later when i was making malcolm finish his dinner or he wouldnt get to choose his desert. and i made him have clementines as his only snack. i might turn out to be a lot more like my dad when raising kids ( if i am lucky enough one day) its weird. i always thought id be like a cool mom haha but after this weekend i realized my dad had the right idea. forcing your kids to be outside. making them eat fruits and veggies or nothing else. limiting screen time ( like my brothers have an hour a day and they have to pick between tv or the computer). 

anyways im so not there yet but i can see where its headed haha i hope my kids dont hate me too much. 

i read a bunch of fitness magazines at my cousins this weekend and realized a few things wrong with the way i eat . because i dont eat poorly.. ( well at least i dont eat that much jonk food and really like fruits and veggies) but i noted a few easy changes that could make a huge difference. 
im also strongly debating going back to the gym.. we;ll see. 
i hate the gym. only because i hate working out in public. which is why i dont go running either. i need a home gym haha. with a treadmill. that would rule. 

im starting to semi enjoy being back in a routine although living for the weekend is pretty gay. specially when i didnt get to see my friends this past one,
but next weekend should be really good. yay yay. 

Friday, July 18, 2008

wow. the internet is so boring .

back online

my boss said she was sick of watching me "pick my nose" at my desk so she lent me her second computer.  haha mine is being fixed and vanessa is just not cooperating for me to get my old one back. anyways.  at least now the 9h at this desk may be just a little less painfull. 

things i am seriously looking forward to:

-playing with my little cousins this weekend.
-the possible visit from meg this weekend while i babysit.
-water slides the following weekend.
-first paycheck.
-my apartment finally being thoroughly clean and amazing.
-more paychecks.
-more fun.
-getting my laptop back. mostly because the memory card for my camera is in it and i want to use it ha.
- the day stef gets a cell phone again.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

its weird that everytime my gut tells me something unpleasant is about to happen my brain and body go into cleaning mode. i just bleached every inch of the bathroom and part of the kitchen. i just needed a break cause my hands are like burning..

its louis bday today and life is kinda shit for him these days so i made cupcakes during the cleaning spree.

kid dynamite, millencolin and no use for a name are the best bands to clean to haha.
you know what rules?

when people hire you without even meeting you or even seeing your resume.

i am just that super good at being a receptionist haha.
i start a new production on monday.

yay money.

and i am getting more and more stoked about vegas. i really wish laurence and i could stay longer.
im almost done the new bedroom and office set ups. just missing a real desk and getting this piece of furniture from my dads house. woo woo. i have no food in the house except for chicken fingers which i am so not in the mood to have for breakfast. whan whan whan.

i got to see kristina stef and olivia this week. now i would just like to add meg, libby and laurence to that list and i will be happy.

Friday, July 4, 2008

well. i would be relieved of nurse duty this weekend. and should be excited to see all my friends. unfortunately, they are all leaving me for hampton beach.