Wednesday, June 18, 2008


If anyone saw me yesterday walking around downtown and in the subway. they must have thought i was insane. i had the biggest smile on my face all afternoon. carrying all my pamphlets and booklets from concordia. one almost as big as a fucking phone book.

oh i am so excited i cant even explain. the advisor was the nicest lady ever and helped me understand a bunch of shit and made me realize i could actually do this. ME. I CAN.
i thought school was over that all hope was lost. by failling out in june of 2002 i had pretty much given up the idea of ever wanting school or going for it .

oh my oh my i am rambling but oh my. the possibility of doing a major and a minor i mean this is all speculation. the major i want might not take me but oh who cares. someone thinks i have a chance and thats good enough for me.

everyone just expected me to work for my parents and do nothing else and basically be a loser. well thats what i thought. its kind of scary though. me in a big school with tons of strangers. i dont do to well with that.

anyways the plan right now is a class in urban studies and one in art history for fall and the same for winter, thats of course if i decide that a major in design and a minor in urban studies is what i want. oh gosh yes it is. i am so scraed i havent written a paper since HS and even then i never really did haha. help me please. i am such a pussy.


Stefanie said...

good luck babe! hopefully ill be there with you!

steena said...

aw thats great dude! we can all be school buds yay!

olivia said...

oh my gosh, i have been behind in blog reading but this is rad rad rad. i'm so excited for you.