Thursday, June 12, 2008


ok more news.

tuesday i have an appointment with an adviser at concordia . yay me.
i have been looking online for some financial help as well. good news. the government does help a little even for part time studies which i will be doing first because i am a big loser that dropped out of school and now has to get some bogus gpa some concordia even considers me an actual person.

which is kind of good because i dont know how well i would handle full time class after 6 years of no class.

also i want to find a job that pays under the table for some part time work right now. its too bad i cant work at the cafe again. im kind of low on cash considering a certain someone got tattooed instead of paying me the 215$ they owe me.
pretty pissed.

anyways pretty excited with the idea of school and getting busy.

im watching gilmore girls on surf the channel and loving it. im out of popcorn though. very disappointed.

sparkling lime water is all i need right now.

anways my friends are great at so am i.

yay life.

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left hand endeavor said...

YOU'RE WONDERFUL! everybody is doing so great and growing up so nicely!

sparkling lime water would be wonderful right now!