Friday, June 27, 2008

oh hi.

dear life, you stink.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


If anyone saw me yesterday walking around downtown and in the subway. they must have thought i was insane. i had the biggest smile on my face all afternoon. carrying all my pamphlets and booklets from concordia. one almost as big as a fucking phone book.

oh i am so excited i cant even explain. the advisor was the nicest lady ever and helped me understand a bunch of shit and made me realize i could actually do this. ME. I CAN.
i thought school was over that all hope was lost. by failling out in june of 2002 i had pretty much given up the idea of ever wanting school or going for it .

oh my oh my i am rambling but oh my. the possibility of doing a major and a minor i mean this is all speculation. the major i want might not take me but oh who cares. someone thinks i have a chance and thats good enough for me.

everyone just expected me to work for my parents and do nothing else and basically be a loser. well thats what i thought. its kind of scary though. me in a big school with tons of strangers. i dont do to well with that.

anyways the plan right now is a class in urban studies and one in art history for fall and the same for winter, thats of course if i decide that a major in design and a minor in urban studies is what i want. oh gosh yes it is. i am so scraed i havent written a paper since HS and even then i never really did haha. help me please. i am such a pussy.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


ok more news.

tuesday i have an appointment with an adviser at concordia . yay me.
i have been looking online for some financial help as well. good news. the government does help a little even for part time studies which i will be doing first because i am a big loser that dropped out of school and now has to get some bogus gpa some concordia even considers me an actual person.

which is kind of good because i dont know how well i would handle full time class after 6 years of no class.

also i want to find a job that pays under the table for some part time work right now. its too bad i cant work at the cafe again. im kind of low on cash considering a certain someone got tattooed instead of paying me the 215$ they owe me.
pretty pissed.

anyways pretty excited with the idea of school and getting busy.

im watching gilmore girls on surf the channel and loving it. im out of popcorn though. very disappointed.

sparkling lime water is all i need right now.

anways my friends are great at so am i.

yay life.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

oh hello friends.

i am back.

well kinda. i am typing this from megs computer since mine is in the shop where it will most likely sit for a while because its going to cost tons to fix it.

had a fun/weird night friday.

and now just enjoying some lounging around time with meg and stef. we watched 27 dresses. good girlyness.

seb is gone to vancouver for the week.

thats kind of all the news i have right now.