Monday, April 21, 2008

this gorgeous weather is making everything better.
i am feeling more and more creative and i have a few projects in mind.
everyone is in a better mood including myself which makes everything more fun.

friday i went to stefs after work and hung out with her and andrew then tay showed up and we watched youtube videos ahah. i went to nicks with tay and got to see some people i havent seen much this winter since i was a total hermit. laura christina and libby showed up wich made it even better. headed home ( no taxi! yay)

saturday was gorgeous so seb and i biked a bit got some fruits at the market and made delicious smoothies. then some of his friends came to meet us and we went to jarry park and just laid around all afternoon which ruled! then we ran into MORE friends at the market when picking up some stuff for a bbq. we ran into julien, his roomate and their two dogs. most gorgeous dogs ever. Zeus is a pitbull mix and zara is cane corso shes still a baby but will get hugeee and strong. she was hard to hold on the leash.

anyways amazing bbq while watching the game. never ate some many meats at once haha. i had ribs, pork chops, bavette, chicken, mergues and shrimp haha and salad and stuff. sooo good. drank a hole bottle of wine and was falling asleep during the game haha.

sunday seb and i had breakfast in the park and i biked home. gen and i went shopping for some material for our sowing projects and i took out all my summer clothes. yay.

life is getting so good again.

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left hand endeavor said...

sounds like a pretty sweet weekend.
bbcued meat mmmm mmmm!