Thursday, April 10, 2008

technology is the devil.

ok so i probably brought these breakages on myself but not only is my keyboard broken but my cell phone is to. i cant use the number nine. and the arrow keys or power button dont work either so sorry if i dont call thats just cause i dont know your number off hand or it contains a nine. so sorry.

im using this shitty keyboard the office driver picked up for me.

fucking money ill have to spend on this shit that i didnt want to. saving up is HARD.

anyways, had the first stooping sesh of the year at stef and megs tuesday night. good seeing the pretty lady up and about from surgery.

looking forward to the days to come when i can wear dresses without tights.

my facebook tells me i may be attending about twenty fucking events from now till next tuesday. ya right!

hopefully the weekend is good. i'm kind of aching for some partying. anyone want to check out the new blue dog on sat?

oh and ps. fuck you hockey. i was all about it till it started to steal my man from me. IM JEALOUS OF SWEATY BEARDED MEN


its good to be able to type again. expect nonsense . oh i also just challenged like 10 people to play scramble on facbook. sorry . i was bored.

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