Monday, April 28, 2008

oh just guess

what i did today.

i started the steps to finishing my HS ( yeah again but i think this time its gunna work .

i started the steps to renewing my passport and getting a new social insurance card.

i made a list of the money owed to me. ( because last night i found a note from like a year ago about james owing me 90$ and he still does...)

i drank tea instead of coffee in the afternoon and read my book at lunch.

i bought stuff online... oups.

i invited my mom out to dinner
and i am on my way to buy a sewing machine!

even though the weather sucks ass i feel pretty good about today.

friday i have an awesome evening planned with my cousin which i am looking forward to.


soooo lifes kinda good yeah.

i have a story abvout the weekend but that can wait till tomorrow.

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