Monday, April 14, 2008

missed connections.

someone posted on craigslist. that in june it will be a year since they have spoken to a certain someone.

it made me realize that in june it will be two years since i have spoken to davis. our friendship ended literally over the stupidest argument possible.

somedays i wonder how he is. but i realize now that our friendship was probably just meant to end.

and in may, itll be two years since ive spoken to chris.

its crazy how within a month two of the most important boys in my life just wrote me off.

i also miss fred sometimes but i guess thats my own fault, so is the troy friendship going astray.

i think its hard when you find yourself in a relationship to hold the friendships you had with boys.
not that seb is a jealous person but if the situations were reveersed i would feel uneasy having him hang out alone with girls. i dunno. i am a little crazy.

i had a super weird dream the other day where davis suddenly appeared and the next night chris was in it. it was all very confusing when i woke up.

Anyways. gunna eat my lunch. im starving. i made delicious spaghetti sauce last night. so happy.


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