Wednesday, April 30, 2008

worst pain

i was moving some boxes of xerox papers and when putting one down it caught on my nail and ripped half of it off. ok so its acrylic nails but it REALLY hurt. my finger is throbbing and now i have to go to the nail place and fix it . fuck.

h8 life

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

holy shit gossip girl is so good haha.

i bought a sewing machine last night and two movies. neverending story 1 and 2. oh yes!

my stomach is killing me this sucks.

seb is making me my favorite recipe of his tonight because i have been hassling him to. yay ha

thats all for now

Monday, April 28, 2008

harshest thing to get when looking through a website


Sorry you are not allowed to view this.

oh just guess

what i did today.

i started the steps to finishing my HS ( yeah again but i think this time its gunna work .

i started the steps to renewing my passport and getting a new social insurance card.

i made a list of the money owed to me. ( because last night i found a note from like a year ago about james owing me 90$ and he still does...)

i drank tea instead of coffee in the afternoon and read my book at lunch.

i bought stuff online... oups.

i invited my mom out to dinner
and i am on my way to buy a sewing machine!

even though the weather sucks ass i feel pretty good about today.

friday i have an awesome evening planned with my cousin which i am looking forward to.


soooo lifes kinda good yeah.

i have a story abvout the weekend but that can wait till tomorrow.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


is what my appalled new doctor asked me when she noticed my tattoo and then when she realized i had a lot she tried to convionce me i had hep C.

thanks you stupid bitch :(

how can people still have such ingnorant opinions on tattoos.

she then proceeded to ask me how many sexual partners i had at once at this time .
what the hell i said i had a bf the first time she had asked..

i dont want her to be my new doctor.

on a different note, i had a photoshoot for an antique store ad last night. made 75$/h. fun times.

full page ad in a magazine. i rule.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

life is good minus this tooth pain.

sebs bday saturday, i think i got him quite the good gift.

summer plans are looking good.

yay life.

i paid my mom back today which sucks because it was money i had managed to save up BUT money is coming my way as well

jess owes me 215.
annie owes me 60.
and nessy is mailing me my gst check that is usually almost 90$

yay yay yay.
and well my usual pay.

i have to cut down on expenses though.
no more wine at dinner everyday. damn haha

Monday, April 21, 2008

this gorgeous weather is making everything better.
i am feeling more and more creative and i have a few projects in mind.
everyone is in a better mood including myself which makes everything more fun.

friday i went to stefs after work and hung out with her and andrew then tay showed up and we watched youtube videos ahah. i went to nicks with tay and got to see some people i havent seen much this winter since i was a total hermit. laura christina and libby showed up wich made it even better. headed home ( no taxi! yay)

saturday was gorgeous so seb and i biked a bit got some fruits at the market and made delicious smoothies. then some of his friends came to meet us and we went to jarry park and just laid around all afternoon which ruled! then we ran into MORE friends at the market when picking up some stuff for a bbq. we ran into julien, his roomate and their two dogs. most gorgeous dogs ever. Zeus is a pitbull mix and zara is cane corso shes still a baby but will get hugeee and strong. she was hard to hold on the leash.

anyways amazing bbq while watching the game. never ate some many meats at once haha. i had ribs, pork chops, bavette, chicken, mergues and shrimp haha and salad and stuff. sooo good. drank a hole bottle of wine and was falling asleep during the game haha.

sunday seb and i had breakfast in the park and i biked home. gen and i went shopping for some material for our sowing projects and i took out all my summer clothes. yay.

life is getting so good again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


we were supposed to get a new photocopier today at work.

so, some moving guys from xerox came to bring the new machine. but they could not move the old one because they did not have a bill for that therefor couldnt do it. then some technician came to check if the new machine worked. but he is not the right technician to put it on the network. then our xerox rep came ( whom we thought would gte the old machine moved) just to tell us that the movers would come tomorrow and then they could call the OTHER technician to set up the machine. retarded.

very retarded.

paint job!

i went to canadian tire last night and splurged on some paint.

the end result should have this sort of feel:

the walls are a pink lavender and the trimmings are this very pale id say almost etheral pink haha. because i found that the primor white would look like shit compared to the walls. what a project. haha

im pretty excited.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i just looked at everything that has ever been entered in a search bar on my computer and some is pretty hilarious and others make me want to puke. considering i know who searched " the effects of cocaine on your health" or "whipits" . gross.

anyways last night was really nice and i really wish i could lay in bed being lazy with seb every morning. getting up is no fun.

it looks really nice out, i might go take a walk. anyways. i wish my tax return had been good this year. i only got 177 from QC and owed 15 cents to canada. lameeee

Monday, April 14, 2008

missed connections.

someone posted on craigslist. that in june it will be a year since they have spoken to a certain someone.

it made me realize that in june it will be two years since i have spoken to davis. our friendship ended literally over the stupidest argument possible.

somedays i wonder how he is. but i realize now that our friendship was probably just meant to end.

and in may, itll be two years since ive spoken to chris.

its crazy how within a month two of the most important boys in my life just wrote me off.

i also miss fred sometimes but i guess thats my own fault, so is the troy friendship going astray.

i think its hard when you find yourself in a relationship to hold the friendships you had with boys.
not that seb is a jealous person but if the situations were reveersed i would feel uneasy having him hang out alone with girls. i dunno. i am a little crazy.

i had a super weird dream the other day where davis suddenly appeared and the next night chris was in it. it was all very confusing when i woke up.

Anyways. gunna eat my lunch. im starving. i made delicious spaghetti sauce last night. so happy.

- random walmart expedition with meg and stef.
- delish brex at L'Avenue
- No biodome :(
- Fun and awesome dinner/wine drinkage/ evening with stef, olivia and christina.
- Sugar Shack with my brother, my dad, his gf. her daughter and too much fatty foods.
- dinner and into the wild with gen and louis.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


meg and i share this undeniable love for a certain famous lady named nicole richie. now, meg has made her love for the pretty zoey public. well i thought i would share my girl crush as well. she is the babest babe. i have been in love with her secreatly because its totally creepy cause her name isnt one that lots of people know.. anyways. this is daisy lowe and i wish i was her.

the end.

technology is the devil.

ok so i probably brought these breakages on myself but not only is my keyboard broken but my cell phone is to. i cant use the number nine. and the arrow keys or power button dont work either so sorry if i dont call thats just cause i dont know your number off hand or it contains a nine. so sorry.

im using this shitty keyboard the office driver picked up for me.

fucking money ill have to spend on this shit that i didnt want to. saving up is HARD.

anyways, had the first stooping sesh of the year at stef and megs tuesday night. good seeing the pretty lady up and about from surgery.

looking forward to the days to come when i can wear dresses without tights.

my facebook tells me i may be attending about twenty fucking events from now till next tuesday. ya right!

hopefully the weekend is good. i'm kind of aching for some partying. anyone want to check out the new blue dog on sat?

oh and ps. fuck you hockey. i was all about it till it started to steal my man from me. IM JEALOUS OF SWEATY BEARDED MEN


its good to be able to type again. expect nonsense . oh i also just challenged like 10 people to play scramble on facbook. sorry . i was bored.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


whan whan whan i spilled a huge glass of water on my laptop and broke the keyboard.