Monday, March 3, 2008


good weekend.

dinner at stef's friday. and some drinks.
i made the grossest mix ever. white wine, make that cheap dep white wine and sparkling grapefruit juice. terrible.

went to blackdot. had fun. stole stef's beer cause she'd have enough.
spent saturday at the windsor V 2.5 and watched tons of sex and the city and the worst episode of match moi m'man ever ever made.

love my friends.
sunday went to the mountain and went to see sebs best friend at the Pavillon. the little bistro at lac des castor. he treated us to such good food. i had the potage and seb had the salmon tartare as entrees and we shared the salmon burger cause we werent that hungry. SO SO delicious.

and he kept bringing us drinks. friends that manage restaurants rule.
then we went to sebs and made delish dinner for lots of people.
overall good weekend.

love spending time with stef and meg.

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