Tuesday, March 18, 2008

weekend review.

friday was dinner at pistol with libby and luke. after three martinis each, mija came to join and pitchers of sangria it was.

i was supposed to hang out with meg and stef and i cant really remmeber what happened as to why i didnt.

the four of us left pistol for mesquite where the owner played bartender afterhours ( well for the restaurant) fun times.

was so hungover the next day, ran some errands and headed to daddys for his surprise birthday dinner.
he gave me a letter he had written me a year ago. all full of appolagies for life basically. still unsure how i feel about it.

anyways, good food.

sunday i made spaghetti sauce with fresh ingredients from the market.
and somehow got drunk alone on bloody ceasars. gay.

i made dinner for mija and libs last night. im exhausted and still sick.
i want to go to thrift stores and flea markets right now. im feeling crafty.
nothing will be open thought when i get out of work. lame.

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