Thursday, March 13, 2008


a whole lot of my friends have been talking about losing weight and dieting.

I understand that feeling fully, especially after these long winter months when a few of us may have packed on a few unwanted pounds. but keep in mind that none of you are in NEED of weight loss. and i just want to make sure some people arent going to go too far. anorexia and bulemia are very very serious mental diseases. and i dont want my friends developping them now.

i felt the urge to write thise after stumblind on some young girls blog. i was doing an image search on google for a picture that i guess she had on there. it was a zanga.

this is what her profile said

Interests: Ana. Bulima. Cutting. Counting Calories. Death Cab For Cutie. Thinspiration. Mary Kate Olsen. Gemma Ward. Kate Moss. Losing Weight. Excersize. Fasting. Music. Suicide.
Expertise: Anorexia. Bulimia. Cutting. Screwting Everything Up. Being a Fatass Ugly Fuckup in General.

she mentions ana mia alot i dont know what it means all i know is that all her posts have pictures of RETARDEDLY skinny models as "thinsperation". these models are probably now banned from the runways.

anyways all im saying is keep in your BMI please and dont go crazy or i will tie you down and feed you.


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Stefanie said...

I KNOW makes me feel fat when everyone's talking about how they have to loose weight and they are all tinier than me