Monday, March 10, 2008


friday evening i made an attempt at shopping all i found was a skirt which aparantly is now too big. ugh.

then got drunk at my appartement on two bloody ceasars while watching louis play bioshock. (scariest fucking video game ever. no jokes)

saturday was sebs sisters birthday so we went to brunch and i ordered way too much food as usual. His sister got a pink DS lite for her bday so we bought her some games.

then the storm hit and it was nonsense. when walking to the metro i thought it was the end of the world, there was no one in the streets and it was really quiet and wind was blowing boxes and garbage bags everywhere. real creepy.

got to meg and stef and had some drinks and danced a little got ready. called every cab company in the city and kept getting busy signals. finally got a cab. went to lambi for a starvin hungry show. drank more. first band sucked so meg and i went in a bathroom stall and took nonsense pictures. yeah so bad. and then danced a ton. had to walk forever to hail a cab. rough.

over all good night. sunday meg came over and we cuddled a bit then went downtown. once again, all clothes are ugly. delicious drinks.

went to my dads.
took some polaroids over the weekend. forgot them so ill scan them tomorrow.

on another note. ITS LOLAS FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!! yay best puppy ever is getting oldddd.

im making chili tonight if anyone is hungry and wants to watch a movie.
call me.

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