Tuesday, March 4, 2008


everybody knows how much pasta i eat but from now on i think i should eat less. i always fall back on the same easy foods that really dont do me too much good. So, next week i will try and not eat any pasta. the only reason im not starting today is that i have pasta for lunch and i have a dinner date with libz to make a delish pasta recipe.

i will also try and post less blogs.

i say try..

i also need to carry my camera around more and gets some pics on this blog because its BORING.

i lost my medicare card and bank card at blackdot i think last friday. well they were in stefs coat and now they arent.

did anyone find them?

ps. power ballad anyone?



Elisabeth said...
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Elisabeth said...

ive been carrying around this tiny bottle of brandy for the pasta recipe in my bag. i'll rifle through my purse looking for my wallet or metro pass and pull out the booze and laugh - it kind of makes me feel like this cool young alcoholic. what a fucked up statement.