Wednesday, March 19, 2008

rachel bilson among other things..

some of you might know that rachel bilson was creating a line for DKNY jeans. i saw three pictures accompanying an article on . lets just say they are very safe designs. id have to see more to know if im into it or not. at least her line will be pretty cheap wich might make it semi more appealing.

i have started reading way too many fashion, gossip and design blogs.
and i am realizing more and more that i may just have a passion hidden in me. and its probably not what you think. i havent decided if i will further this idea yet so id rather not say.

anyways. fuck this shitty ass weather. where the fuck is SPRING.

i need some fucking sunlight and fancy picnics in the park. i also want to go to london and visit my cousin. im also going to vegas in august with two of my other cousins.

anyways work is getting a little busier but nothing too crazy yet. probably next week will get a little nuts and i will be a little stressed. i ate at a really cute mexican restaurant at lunch today called limon ( plaisirs mexicain ) it was a very nice place and although the choices were limited at lunch time they do have an extended menu at night and two terrace's if spring can just get here.
margaritas soon!?

they unfortunately dont have a website. it is a little pricey but all us girlies would have more than enough food if we split a plate.

anyways.. i cant wait to buy a bike.

i also want to tell everyone to stop me from taking cabs unless there really is no other solution.

because i spent 200$ this weekend like so:

60 - pistol.
20 - cab
15 - lunch.
15 - cab
14 - train.
6 - olives.
16 - beef pot roast
4 - grapefruit
45 - seb

both cabs could have been avoided.

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Elisabeth said...

i love yoooou lets get margs plz