Monday, March 31, 2008

pro's and con's

SO, Simons department store just started carrying ( or i just found out about it) the INSIGHT 51 brand.
a gorgeous brand from australia that i have been coveting for a while now on my internet shopping and never buying because i was unsure of sizes or they just never had the sizes i thought would fit.

i bought a cute dress yesterday.

so as happy as i am that it is now easily acessible to me.. this means it is to EVERYONE that shops at that shitty store.

i am dissapointed. i must admit..


LL said...

I sell insight at work!

left hand endeavor said...

they also sell insight at influence-u!

Stefanie said...

I did not know they sold it here! Yay, I am the same I look at it online all the time too!