Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i am so responsible.

i finally cancelledtwo of my credit cards. companies really dont like when you do that and always want to know why. and even offer to lower the limit. even if they know i still have a card with them and a line of credit. nutjobs. im only missing one paper and i can finally file my taxes.

life is pretty good. except that its still winter and seb is most likely going sailing for a month.
he would be flying down to panama and sail to and around the Galapagos islands. hed fly back from ther and his dad would keep going to tahiti, my biggest fear is that he stays on the boat and ends up being gone for at least two months.

he might be missing our anniversary. which to me is a big deal because i have never had one.
ever. i have never even come close, ill be sad but i cant keep him from his passions.

i knew this would probably happen everysummer.

i wish i could travel too. unfortunately ill be super busy at work while hes gone but meg and i will keep each other company since her man is gone as well. last summer all over again lady, but better.

i feel good today. somesort of weight has been lifted. a stress i couldnt identify was gone when i got up. its pretty great.

anyways, go habs go. we made the finals.

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