Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hello crash diet.

goodbye fat. ( i hope )

fuck you stupid winter ( and semi recently rekindled love of beer)

you have fucked me with your temptation to stay in and avoid you ( winter ) and drinking too much ( yeah, hate you too, beer )

i have actually no idea if i have gained weight since i have no scale nor do most of my friends. libby has one but it cant be right.

all i know is that i am discontent with how i feel.

so diet it is.

summer here i come ( i just bought a bunch of dresses in hopes to bring you on sooner)

i know a few ladies feeling the same way.
lets help each other out.



left hand endeavor said...

woo! i`m with you bebe

Katkol said...

My name is Katherine and I came across your blog today. I completely know what you're going through. I'm on a diet too.

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