Friday, March 21, 2008

DIY- Design it yourself.

i have been reading all kinds of design blogs these days( i know ive said this before) and they inevitably link me to different other sites and have ended up on a few diy sites. these sites tend to hate the word crafting and also prefere design it yourself to do it yourself. i like that approach to.

i am all kinds of inspired and may register to school. in a program that requires a portfolio. my brain is filling up with ideas and i am getting somewhat excited.

i also have goals for my money now, more than just paying off debt. wich will make saving up easier. this weekend will be a good test for lesser speding since i have one extra day haha.

im sure i can do it. i have to. so please friends. remind me?

whats going on this weekend? something that doesnt include drinking. im kind of on a cure. my stomach is hating me. and so is my wallet.

lets hang out and mourn the non spring.



olivia said...

come be in fibres with meeee

diskohopskotch said...

rock and troll.