Thursday, March 13, 2008

As per usual, in my unbearable work boredom, i lurked the internet. today i stumbled upon olivia's blog. many of you are friends with her. i am not. my only interaction with her was to call her by a different name. how awesome.

ANYWAYS by lurking her i found she makes super cute felt dolls.

and then i got mad and jealous that i suck at everything. ( oh yeah she can draw too)

so i made this part of the ongoing therapy through ms paint project.


left hand endeavor said...

silly girl, cupcakes are your outlet. and a pretty one at that! lets build really cute headboards for our beds and cover them in pincushion like satin???

Elisabeth said...

if you guys want, i think i have an article in blueprint mag on good patterns for those kind of headboards - i'll try to find it for you.

olivia said...

hahahah hi, stef told me about this blog post. i didn't remember you calling me the wrong name! i think i was probably pretty drunk when i met you at blackdot. anyway HI, we are not friends but uhh we can be? at least internet ones for starters.
& it took me a zillion years to find a creative outlet and i am still a big pile of angst so it obviously isn't doing working incredibly aren't missing out on that much, trust me.