Monday, March 31, 2008

pro's and con's

SO, Simons department store just started carrying ( or i just found out about it) the INSIGHT 51 brand.
a gorgeous brand from australia that i have been coveting for a while now on my internet shopping and never buying because i was unsure of sizes or they just never had the sizes i thought would fit.

i bought a cute dress yesterday.

so as happy as i am that it is now easily acessible to me.. this means it is to EVERYONE that shops at that shitty store.

i am dissapointed. i must admit..

Friday, March 28, 2008


L'amour, hum hum, pas pour moi,
Tous ces "toujours",
C'est pas net, ça joue des tours,
Ca s'approche sans se montrer,
Comme un traître de velours,
Ca me blesse ou me lasse selon les jours

L'amour, hum hum, ça ne vaut rien,
Ça m'inquiète de tout,
Et ça se déguise en doux,
Quand ça gronde, quand ça me mord,
Alors oui, c'est pire que tout,
Car j'en veux, hum hum, plus encore,

Pourquoi faire ce tas de plaisirs, de frissons, de caresses, de pauvres promesses ?
A quoi bon se laisser reprendre
Le cour en chamade,
Ne rien y comprendre,
C'est une embuscade,

L'amour ça ne va pas,
C'est pas du Saint Laurent,
Ca ne tombe pas parfaitement,
Si je ne trouve pas mon style ce n'est pas faute d'essayer,
Et l'amour j'laisse tomber !

A quoi bon ce tas de plaisirs, de frissons, de caresses, de pauvres promesses ?
Pourquoi faire se laisser reprendre,
Le cour en chamade,
Ne rien y comprendre,
C'est une embuscade,

L'amour, hum hum, j'en veux pas
J'préfère de temps de temps
Je préfère le goût du vent
Le goût étrange et doux de la peau de mes amants,
Mais l'amour, hum hum, pas vraiment!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

La derniere minute

"Quand j'aurai tout compris, tout vécu d'ici-bas,
Quand je serai si vieille, que je ne voudrai plus de moi,
Quand la peau de ma vie sera creusée de routes,
Et de traces et de peines, et de rires et de doutes,
Alors je demanderai juste encore une minute...

Quand il n'y aura plus rien qui chavire et qui blesse,
Et quand même les chagrins auront l'air d'une caresse,
Quand je verrai ma mort juste au pied de mon lit,
Que je la verrai sourire de ma si petite vie,
Je lui dirai "écoute ! Laisse-moi juste une minute...

Juste encore minute, juste encore minute,
Pour me faire une beauté ou pour une cigarette,
Juste encore minute, juste encore minute,
Pour un dernier frisson, ou pour un dernier geste,
Juste encore minute, juste encore minute,
Pour ranger les souvenirs avant le grand hiver,
Juste encore une minute... sans motif et sans but.

Puisque ma vie n'est rien, alors je la veux toute.
Tout entière, tout à fait et dans toutes ses déroutes,
Puisque ma vie n'est rien, alors j'en redemande,
Je veux qu'on m'en rajoute,
Soixante petites secondes pour ma dernière minute."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

filed my taxes . woo. most responsible week all year.

not much back but at least i don't owe them anything. yay.

i cant wait till its actually spring and i get to do some spring cleaning with all the windows open.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i am so responsible.

i finally cancelledtwo of my credit cards. companies really dont like when you do that and always want to know why. and even offer to lower the limit. even if they know i still have a card with them and a line of credit. nutjobs. im only missing one paper and i can finally file my taxes.

life is pretty good. except that its still winter and seb is most likely going sailing for a month.
he would be flying down to panama and sail to and around the Galapagos islands. hed fly back from ther and his dad would keep going to tahiti, my biggest fear is that he stays on the boat and ends up being gone for at least two months.

he might be missing our anniversary. which to me is a big deal because i have never had one.
ever. i have never even come close, ill be sad but i cant keep him from his passions.

i knew this would probably happen everysummer.

i wish i could travel too. unfortunately ill be super busy at work while hes gone but meg and i will keep each other company since her man is gone as well. last summer all over again lady, but better.

i feel good today. somesort of weight has been lifted. a stress i couldnt identify was gone when i got up. its pretty great.

anyways, go habs go. we made the finals.

Friday, March 21, 2008

DIY- Design it yourself.

i have been reading all kinds of design blogs these days( i know ive said this before) and they inevitably link me to different other sites and have ended up on a few diy sites. these sites tend to hate the word crafting and also prefere design it yourself to do it yourself. i like that approach to.

i am all kinds of inspired and may register to school. in a program that requires a portfolio. my brain is filling up with ideas and i am getting somewhat excited.

i also have goals for my money now, more than just paying off debt. wich will make saving up easier. this weekend will be a good test for lesser speding since i have one extra day haha.

im sure i can do it. i have to. so please friends. remind me?

whats going on this weekend? something that doesnt include drinking. im kind of on a cure. my stomach is hating me. and so is my wallet.

lets hang out and mourn the non spring.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008


amazing idea/design by elisabeth soos!

"add a little fun to tea.

first you take the tea bag out of the box. than unfold becomes a little boat. than put it into the cup with hot water and let it swim around until the tea is ready."

i dont care how much it costs. find this for me. wait no. IM TOTALLY MAKING SOME TONIGHT!!!!

rachel bilson among other things..

some of you might know that rachel bilson was creating a line for DKNY jeans. i saw three pictures accompanying an article on . lets just say they are very safe designs. id have to see more to know if im into it or not. at least her line will be pretty cheap wich might make it semi more appealing.

i have started reading way too many fashion, gossip and design blogs.
and i am realizing more and more that i may just have a passion hidden in me. and its probably not what you think. i havent decided if i will further this idea yet so id rather not say.

anyways. fuck this shitty ass weather. where the fuck is SPRING.

i need some fucking sunlight and fancy picnics in the park. i also want to go to london and visit my cousin. im also going to vegas in august with two of my other cousins.

anyways work is getting a little busier but nothing too crazy yet. probably next week will get a little nuts and i will be a little stressed. i ate at a really cute mexican restaurant at lunch today called limon ( plaisirs mexicain ) it was a very nice place and although the choices were limited at lunch time they do have an extended menu at night and two terrace's if spring can just get here.
margaritas soon!?

they unfortunately dont have a website. it is a little pricey but all us girlies would have more than enough food if we split a plate.

anyways.. i cant wait to buy a bike.

i also want to tell everyone to stop me from taking cabs unless there really is no other solution.

because i spent 200$ this weekend like so:

60 - pistol.
20 - cab
15 - lunch.
15 - cab
14 - train.
6 - olives.
16 - beef pot roast
4 - grapefruit
45 - seb

both cabs could have been avoided.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

weekend review.

friday was dinner at pistol with libby and luke. after three martinis each, mija came to join and pitchers of sangria it was.

i was supposed to hang out with meg and stef and i cant really remmeber what happened as to why i didnt.

the four of us left pistol for mesquite where the owner played bartender afterhours ( well for the restaurant) fun times.

was so hungover the next day, ran some errands and headed to daddys for his surprise birthday dinner.
he gave me a letter he had written me a year ago. all full of appolagies for life basically. still unsure how i feel about it.

anyways, good food.

sunday i made spaghetti sauce with fresh ingredients from the market.
and somehow got drunk alone on bloody ceasars. gay.

i made dinner for mija and libs last night. im exhausted and still sick.
i want to go to thrift stores and flea markets right now. im feeling crafty.
nothing will be open thought when i get out of work. lame.

Friday, March 14, 2008

oh purolator!!

Usually when any sort if messenger or delivery company person comes to my work i just sign the pad and give the package to whoever it belongs.

but today was my day and i just received three delicious dresses.

the yellow one might be a little big but it might work as a flowy very comfy summer garment haha

here they are.

with these new outfits i might do the oposite of what i should and go out tonight. because they are too darn cute. the one with the leaves is my fav.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

As per usual, in my unbearable work boredom, i lurked the internet. today i stumbled upon olivia's blog. many of you are friends with her. i am not. my only interaction with her was to call her by a different name. how awesome.

ANYWAYS by lurking her i found she makes super cute felt dolls.

and then i got mad and jealous that i suck at everything. ( oh yeah she can draw too)

so i made this part of the ongoing therapy through ms paint project.


a whole lot of my friends have been talking about losing weight and dieting.

I understand that feeling fully, especially after these long winter months when a few of us may have packed on a few unwanted pounds. but keep in mind that none of you are in NEED of weight loss. and i just want to make sure some people arent going to go too far. anorexia and bulemia are very very serious mental diseases. and i dont want my friends developping them now.

i felt the urge to write thise after stumblind on some young girls blog. i was doing an image search on google for a picture that i guess she had on there. it was a zanga.

this is what her profile said

Interests: Ana. Bulima. Cutting. Counting Calories. Death Cab For Cutie. Thinspiration. Mary Kate Olsen. Gemma Ward. Kate Moss. Losing Weight. Excersize. Fasting. Music. Suicide.
Expertise: Anorexia. Bulimia. Cutting. Screwting Everything Up. Being a Fatass Ugly Fuckup in General.

she mentions ana mia alot i dont know what it means all i know is that all her posts have pictures of RETARDEDLY skinny models as "thinsperation". these models are probably now banned from the runways.

anyways all im saying is keep in your BMI please and dont go crazy or i will tie you down and feed you.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

diet craze

seems like were all going diet crazy.

thats fine with me. less fat chicks out there.

i would just like to point out how HARD this is because i sit at a boring desk for 10h a day and stare at a kitchen full of free food ( read TREATS) about ten steps away from me.

not cool.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hello crash diet.

goodbye fat. ( i hope )

fuck you stupid winter ( and semi recently rekindled love of beer)

you have fucked me with your temptation to stay in and avoid you ( winter ) and drinking too much ( yeah, hate you too, beer )

i have actually no idea if i have gained weight since i have no scale nor do most of my friends. libby has one but it cant be right.

all i know is that i am discontent with how i feel.

so diet it is.

summer here i come ( i just bought a bunch of dresses in hopes to bring you on sooner)

i know a few ladies feeling the same way.
lets help each other out.


this may be old news to you but..

HOW? A dance team always on ROLLERSKATES?

thats all..


Monday, March 10, 2008


friday evening i made an attempt at shopping all i found was a skirt which aparantly is now too big. ugh.

then got drunk at my appartement on two bloody ceasars while watching louis play bioshock. (scariest fucking video game ever. no jokes)

saturday was sebs sisters birthday so we went to brunch and i ordered way too much food as usual. His sister got a pink DS lite for her bday so we bought her some games.

then the storm hit and it was nonsense. when walking to the metro i thought it was the end of the world, there was no one in the streets and it was really quiet and wind was blowing boxes and garbage bags everywhere. real creepy.

got to meg and stef and had some drinks and danced a little got ready. called every cab company in the city and kept getting busy signals. finally got a cab. went to lambi for a starvin hungry show. drank more. first band sucked so meg and i went in a bathroom stall and took nonsense pictures. yeah so bad. and then danced a ton. had to walk forever to hail a cab. rough.

over all good night. sunday meg came over and we cuddled a bit then went downtown. once again, all clothes are ugly. delicious drinks.

went to my dads.
took some polaroids over the weekend. forgot them so ill scan them tomorrow.

on another note. ITS LOLAS FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!! yay best puppy ever is getting oldddd.

im making chili tonight if anyone is hungry and wants to watch a movie.
call me.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Picture post!!!!

not quite.

just go to my flickr instead.


Please remember that shitty 99cents eco-friendly tote bags are NOT purses.

I understand your need to protect the environment and showing that to the world by never using plastic bags when making purchases and i get that you want to contribute to some ecological project or group.

high fives and shit.

but in no way should these be considered PURSES. its not because your new "my compliments" bag is green and orange and colorful that it qualifies as an accessory.

you make me so angry you stupid fake hippies.

thank god its friday.

ps: libby, where you at?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A few things.

Just expressing how i feel through ms paint.

On a completely OTHER note however,

has anyone seen chloe sevigny's clothing line?
a lot of it seems a bit too ninties for me except for this piece:

Please buy it for me.

i was online window shopping all day and here is part of my wishlist.

Christian louboutin is probably the first to make me want such shiny shoes. what a bargain at 960$...

Also in love with these by CL, going for a measly 925$...

Two dresses by none other than Marc Jacobs.

And more by i dont know who.

im sure i want many more things i just havent found a picture of them yet.




patrick swayze is dying of cancer :(

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

i swear its the last blog of the day.

Our internet has been coocoo for the past two days and now it may be back for good.

some guy was sitting at my computer to see if it was working and i wasnt looking at what he was doing. and then 2 minutes later someone else came to tell me to stop downloading torrents at work. wich i dont do. i dont even open the program when im here. im really annoyed. was he snooping around to see if my downloads were active? if so thats retarded because they automatically start when you open bittorrent.


fuck snoopers.

on a good note: i have been eating miniwheats all day because mathieu was nice enough to buy me some when i asked. even though im probably the only one that will eat them.


gunna go get more.

i had too much coffee. kill me.


This post should also include pictures of stef and libby and seb.

but im sick of looking for pics.


not that good at ms paint.

ok so i lack the skills to actually draw but this should do..

as much as i enjoy my place right now, staying there means no little guy like that.

gotta move.
he is my goal for the summer.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


everybody knows how much pasta i eat but from now on i think i should eat less. i always fall back on the same easy foods that really dont do me too much good. So, next week i will try and not eat any pasta. the only reason im not starting today is that i have pasta for lunch and i have a dinner date with libz to make a delish pasta recipe.

i will also try and post less blogs.

i say try..

i also need to carry my camera around more and gets some pics on this blog because its BORING.

i lost my medicare card and bank card at blackdot i think last friday. well they were in stefs coat and now they arent.

did anyone find them?

ps. power ballad anyone?


Monday, March 3, 2008


girly advice.

After speaking with a good friend of mine about relationship and sex issues, i realized i came up with a bunch of solutions straight out of cosmo and sex and the city.

it was pretty good advice, if i can say so myself.

as much as that magazine is full of fucking crap. i have to say its not ALL nonsense and some ideas can be further looked into. putting them into context actually makes for decent solutions.

maybe i should have a "dear Isabel" column.

i think it would rule.

sorry for the crazy amount of blogging but its all you guys;s fault for never being online and keeping me company.


good weekend.

dinner at stef's friday. and some drinks.
i made the grossest mix ever. white wine, make that cheap dep white wine and sparkling grapefruit juice. terrible.

went to blackdot. had fun. stole stef's beer cause she'd have enough.
spent saturday at the windsor V 2.5 and watched tons of sex and the city and the worst episode of match moi m'man ever ever made.

love my friends.
sunday went to the mountain and went to see sebs best friend at the Pavillon. the little bistro at lac des castor. he treated us to such good food. i had the potage and seb had the salmon tartare as entrees and we shared the salmon burger cause we werent that hungry. SO SO delicious.

and he kept bringing us drinks. friends that manage restaurants rule.
then we went to sebs and made delish dinner for lots of people.
overall good weekend.

love spending time with stef and meg.