Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Last Templar.

yes like the knights.

I just started working on a new production on Monday for MUSE entertainment. ( A production house in Montreal). However, we are quite a few weeks from going to camera and the work load is very very very small.

I had told myself there was no point in writing this blog since i just always start and stop again.
but with all this computer time on my hands.. I've been reading every ones blogs and decided to get back to it. read it or not, it'll be interesting to read for me like next year. or something.

Laura Lloyd is telling me about Mexican prostitutes and rubber pants while i am attempting to play every msn game with DW. which isn't working out too well.

i keep making myself lattes mostly for the amout of time frothing the milk takes...


Friday was the bomb. PANG PANG has never let me down. and only now did we find out the rooms had cameras.

i fell on the table while "performing" maneater.
stef had no shirt when i left.
boys were hanging from the ceiling and beer tornados were getting messy.

more nights like these will help the long wait for summer.


Stefanie said...

HAHAHAHAHA I totally forgot what song we sang. oh man isable, good fucking times

Stefanie said...