Wednesday, December 17, 2008

christmas shopping

is so exhausting. i spent SIX hours in stores yesterday with my cousin. somehow managed to spend WAY too much on myself. oh well, i got a great party dress and some amazing over the knee boots, as well as almost all of my gifts. i still have to go get my dads but i know what it is and then, as usual, bake tons of treats.

i just chose all my recipes and im writting down my needed supplies. so exciting. haha

baking is my favorite part!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


so i am back to being unemployed. so far it feels amazing to sleep in and relax. kinda.

on monday i worked the elections to make some extra christmas money.
tuesday i went to olivia's and we baked cookies and watched tons of buffy.
wednesday i went for dimsum with my cousin maude and her friend, then wandered downtown till meaghan got off work. went to her place, she made us hot chocolate because she is a doll, then i went to my old work to get my laptop, then i went to my dads for dinner and came home.

so i havent done that much sitting around, aside from right now while i am on hold with stupid FIDO customer service about the iphone i should have gotten a few days ago, that aparantly hasnt even been sent out yet. hate companies!!

anyways, more buffy watching now and some cleaning. my life is super awesomeeee

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

check it out

hey everyone that doesnt already know about it,

check out Tasty Brews

Friday, December 5, 2008


i am determined to start knitting this winter. i already owe davis the second scarf i make.
then i want to make this:


should i?


i dont know if its the holliday season or just where i am in life or talks ive recently had but i am ridiculously nostalgic these days.
maybe its from listening to the ataris and old new found glory. who knows.

i kinda miss my life when it was a blur of shows and roadtrips and new friends and adventures.
as much as i like the whole settled life, there are days where i miss it.

i dont know. everything is so different now.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

christmas time

so meaghans blog prompted me to make a christmas inspired post.

things i cannot wait for:


Christmas baking.

Christmas sweaters

Christmas brunch or any meal for that matter.

christmas presents.

and everything else thats nice.

i love decorating and wrapping presents and baking sweet treats for everyone.
i used to hate xmas a lot but i had a great one last year and i have a few good ones in my past so from now on i am fully indulging myself in the cheesiness of the hollidays!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

tuesday gossip

tuesday mornings are my favorite because the newest gossip girl is avaible online for my watching. it actually gets me giddy and excited. and then i get to drool over chuck bass and blair waldorf's wardrobe.

she is a dream.

more more more

guess what i'm going to be doing with all my time off..

Monday, December 1, 2008


because of work, i spend a HUGE amount of time on the internet.
lately i have found myself messaging people i wouldnt have on my normal time. i actually take time now to email strangers and give them compliments that i would normally just think of.

i think i might be creeping some people out haha.
im just being nice! and i am totally not creepy.

on that note, etsy posted a picture of my favorite seller, and she is the most adorable thing ever! its weird communicating through the internet with people you have never seen, or like for work some people i have been talking to for years and have no idea what they look like.

anyways, the internet is nuts and i have no interesting pictures from the weekend to post. my blog is a little boring this week. but next week i will be off work and am determined to do millions of interesting post worthy things!


i had a very nice weekend.

-dinner and egg nog lattes with gian
-wine and movies with olivia and nick
-breakfast with dave, kristina and olivia
-expozine and aux vivres with olivia and kristina ( bought joey comeau's short story book)
-drinks with Laurence and Gab
-breakfast with seb
-dinner at my dads with my brothers.

last week of work.
kinda stressed, kind of relieved. working 50h weeks all the time is exhausting.

Friday, November 28, 2008

100 days, 100 nights


i found a picture of the bangs and hair cut i want. my bangs are so far from there.
thx lookbook. shes a babe.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

what i meant to say.

on my way to work i had something i wanted to write here butthat video threw me off track.

Last night was the wrap party for the end of the tv show and it was open bar. my stomach hates me and i have a bad case of the fear ( for those of you who have never been around nick ball, this is basically a shitty hangover where you are a little paranoid and feel all icky and shaky and such)

anyways, i was aloud to come in an hour late today so everything was different. i walked through the market and instead of only seeing a few people getting there vegetable stands ready, all teh stands were open and the stores too it wasnt the same feel at all. and then on the subway a little story popped into my head.

you know how some people are more affectionate than others. some dont like to be touched. others constantly need it. Imagine someone thats never really gotten much closeness with the people around him. like his parents were the hugging type and none of his friends are perticularly affectionate and this person doesnt know how to approach others much. what if this person purposely rides the subway at rush hour. to feel some closeness with others. to feel strangers warmth. he can huff and puff about being a little clostrophobic to his fellow travellers but in his heart of hearts he rejoices when the subway is packed or someones hand brushes against his on a railing.

can you imagine? never getting or giving hugs? id say im a touchy person, and i love when my friends are affectionate back. its so important to feel closeness. i hate when people i dont know or dont like touches me but i guess everyone has different boundaries.

anyways i had a full on movie in my head about this person. it made me happy and sad. i just imagined his grumpy face in the crowd and then like in movies when they show you whats under clothes and stuff you saw his little heart beat with excitement and you started to notice that his eyes were smiling and his mouth was so tightly closed only to contain himself.

anyways this is a weird post.

being hung over at work is no fun. i dont understand how people do this ever.

oh and my contract got extended by a week. an extra pay check is always welcome!!

omg omg omg

this guy andy ( main dude behind one of my favorite bands - astronautalis) who i have been internet friends with for years now sent me a comment on myspace this morning with a video which he introduced as his new side project.

i am hung over at work LAUGHING MY ASS OFF.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i forgot to post about her too. found her on the facehunter website. cutest.


last night sarah had her 3rd session for her back tattoo. it was a three hour session. and its look so amazing. theres only about an hour left of work. i got to meet ollies new gf which was nice. i fully forgot to photo document all this. Dom (the owner of tatouage royal) showed up and we had some apple cider and then some wine. i ate some dimsum and fed sarah treats while she suffered.

also at work yesterday the two girls i basically work for gave me a MAC cosmestics gift card as a thank you.

tonight i am taking my mom out for some idian food for her bday which was saturday. and then its the Wrap party for the end of this tv show. open bar. haha

i am very stressed though. going jobless for the hollidays is no fun. going to have to get extra crafty with my presents.

now that you have read all this i will leave you with some pretty pictures saved in my "pretty interiors and things" folder because no one reads the "text only" posts haha.

i think most of these come from the marie claire maison site but i may be wrong. sorry.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I got a parisian post card from meaghan last night! made my day.

also i am in love with this girl posted on the sartorialists website.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Make Carole Lepalme Accountable for Animal Cruelty

http://www. thepetitionsite. com/1/make-carole-lepalme-accountable-for-animal-cruelty

Carole Lepalme, a Quebec puppy mill owner should be made legally accountable for breaking the law, under animal cruelty.

*** In September 2008, Ms. Lepalme had 157 dogs removed from her care by the Montreal SPCA on the grounds of animal cruelty. All 157 dogs took residence in one house where they were packed in crates, dog runs and wire cages. They were found extremely malnourished, dehydrated, over bred, infested with worms, untreated open wounds on their bodies and some were even found dead on site.

We have started this petition because Carole Lapalme, the puppy mill owner, will be back in criminal court December 17th, 2008 in Montreal and is pleading not guilty to animal cruelty. Carole Lepalme is requesting that the dogs be returned to her. Something has to be done to stop these dogs from being put back under the care of this person. Quebec is known as the animal cruelty capital of North America, and is the home of over 2000 puppy mills. You can make a difference, do not let these helpless animals return to a desolate life without care, food, space, companionship or freedom.

winter is here.

warm hats must be worn. ( sorry for the squinty eyes haha)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


little us #2

me and my cousin laurence and her father ian.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

little us

me and my cousin annie. why am i wearing a sweatshirt and pants while she is wearing a pretty summer dress???

miley cyrus

ok so ive never paid much attention to this disney "star" but this video makes me hate her so much.

is she high?

Monday, November 17, 2008

nice nice.

thanks to kitsune noir i found really nice artwork by patrick leger.
its like old comic books. i love it.

here are my faves.

i like, i like.

over the weekend.

saturday we celebrated the wonderful stefanie.
my camera sucks and the pics are terrible so here are the ones olivia took! haha

Also, i just got some fabric in the mail i bought on ebay, im making a skirt for xmas out of it.

it is ridiculous.

so i hope we have a friends xmas brunch again this year so i can wear it hahah

Friday, November 14, 2008


conversation in my apartment the other night.

louis: were good now i guess, were friends. ok maybe not but like, we ordered pizza together the other night.

Gen: thats like first base in bromance.

louis: holy shit.

so good. so true. bromance rules.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


started watching that at work yesterday. pretty good show. not quite safe for work, theres a sex scene every 7 minutes..

but entertaining.

the blogs i read cant upload fast enough! i need entertainment!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

damn that mother chucker.

i want it all!

L'ecole des femmes spring 2009!

(via Vain and vapid)

inspiring people.

an old friend of mine has always been on my ass about taking classes and aquiring a skill that would permit us to collaborate.

He is a Fashion photographer and was always trying to get me to be a makeup artist.
He is also a jewelry creator and used to ask me to design with him.
now if i get my sewing situation together, he would likeus to collaborate with his company Faith & fortune because he wants to use fabric as well.

its really great to have someone like that convinced you can do great and always wanting to work with you.

last night i had dinner with my friend miriam, who also makes jewlery. she has yet to really make her own collection and always does custom orders or has designed for renowned jewlery makers.

our plan is to motivate each other and have some creating days.
its always more inspiring to be around others that are as well.
she is an amazing artist and i want her to paint more and make more things.

anyways, i found sewing classes i can take on weekends. i am going this weekend so i can actually learn more technique and stop winging it and not being happy with the finishing touches.

i have been sketching a ton for the past two days.

life is good, thats what im getting at .

pretty pictures to look at and day dream.

- by jean francois verganti

- by denise grunstein