Thursday, November 22, 2007


im really sad to leave my pretty baby turquoise room BUT now i have a new room and can do whatever i want again to it haha.

just moved a few random things here and played Wii for 2 hours.

sunday should be my actual moving day.

still seems surreal.

probably because i havent talked about it really with anyone exept gen and louis ( whom im moving in with)

out of step with the world.

i cant think of a more appropriate well known "saying" to describe how i feel right now.

whatever i wont regret my decisions based on my convictions.
its just something i cant do.

i think im gunna miss some of my friends though. oh well. you cant have it all

i had a great time two saturdays ago and last friday. i feel like that wont happen for a while

its seb and i's 6 months today, i am so proud of myself.

and i am so happy.

i win.

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