Monday, November 15, 2010

Thom Browne spring/summer 2011

Im in a very useless class this morning so i am catching up on blogs.

this perticularly caught my eye on the Jak & Jil blog.

it is a sneak peak for the womens line for spring/ summer. the outfit on the right blew my mind.

from experience i can say that sewing with plaid and checkers is very time consuming and requires patience and perfection. but the results are wonderful as shown here!

id like to see more of these pieces in detail.

like the grey outfit on the left of this picture!

there are a few more in the post. i will search the internet to find out more later though!

hope everyone is good. school is awesome and i am done in 5 weeks! and then i start my internship mentioned in the previous post!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


hey friends and readers. im still alive, i promise.

I am currently looking for my internship. i already asked my first choice ( Anastasia lomonova) if she needed someone and has agreed to meet me although she knows nothing about me yet haha i am semi hoping she used the internet and found me out and thinks she might want to work with me. (wishful thinking obviously haha)

here is a small article about her.

and here is her website. i love her stuff.

im hopefully meeting her next week and will somehow charm her and prove my skills.
oh god i hope so . im so nervous. she's like a year older than me only. makes it even harder i think!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gold Jewelry

I used to buy a lot of jewelry, but most of it was pretty cheap. as a result , i only own about 2 or 3 pieces now. the ones worth keeping.

if i could, i would buy these two gorgeous ones by Erica Weiner

unfortunately, i am not as rich as i would like. So hopefully one of you readers will enjoy.


isnt it such a wonderful feeling to receive something in the mail that isnt a bill or impersonal ads?

these past two weeks i have found myself back to browsing etsy as I used to and purchased quite a few things (compared to how minimal my spending has been since back to school)

Today i received the first purchase from that spending spree. it is a print by a Tuscon, AZ tattoo artist a friend refered me to.

her name is Allyson bennett. you can find more prints and even little journals by her at her etsy shop.

I always like to look at the recently listed items , its a good way to stuble upon a store you wouldnt have thought to look for.
that happened 2 nights ago. this lady draws interesting stuff on old book pages. i was very excited and ordered three prints. today however i found another shop doing just the same with almost the same exact images but bigger. this second one has been selling on etsy for longuer. i almost feel like she got her idea stolen.. although she might not be the first to do it.
i bought these following prints at Dreamery Studio

But now i really want this one from Black Baroque
(its my birthday reallyyy soon. just saying haha)

have fun shopping.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Salon Gourmand.

I am colaborating on a new blog!!!

i know i know. i dont take care of this one any more.
BUT my mom just gave me this tiny laptop i can carry everywhere so i think i will take to sitting in cafe's and posting stuff between school and work when my schedule gets crazy again.

salon gourmand is basically a bunch of girls that love to eat delicious foods and drink tasty wine. oh and have a fun time.
there will be restaurant reviews, recipes and ideas of a fun night out.

i hope you like it!